Stick and Poke Tattoos Articles

Runic Alphabet Tattoos

The runic alphabet is made up of angular letters. These runic shapes can be gun tattooed, and are also ideal for stick and poke tattoos. In fact, for some people, having Nordic symbols tattooed in a style as old as the runes themselves is an important part of the ritual. Three main versions of the…

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Celebrities with Stick and Poke Tattoos

stick and poke

We know that handpoke tattoos are a trend among students and youngster. However, celebrities have also contributed to the popularity of this controversial form body art. Let’s take a look at a few tattooed celebrities who decided to take the D.I.Y route for some of their ink with stick and poke tattoos. 1 – Debby…

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Everything About Tattoo Aftercare

loose clothes tattoo

You finally got that tattoo you’ve always wanted! Do you have all the information you need to take care of your tattoo? The process of getting a new ink requires hundreds of needle sticks to achieve the desired image. However, unlike other breaks in the protective skin barrier, people often forget to care for their…

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3 Dangers of Stick and Poke Tattoos


Stick and poke tattoos are growing in popularity, but this doesn’t make stick and poke tattoos free of risks. Stick and poke tattoos dangers do exist, just like with other forms of tattoos. Skin plays a protective role for the body, and a needle repeatedly passing through this protective barrier poses potential risk. These repeated…

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How old is the Oldest Tattoo?

Ancient Tattoos

How old are tattoos, really? The oldest tattoos were, of course, manually done tattoos called stick and pokes. Stick and poke tattoos are universal, and their history is thousands of years old. While it’s impossible to know for sure when the first tattoo was performed, we do know two tattooed characters that are well-known for their venerable…

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Sak Yant Tattoos

Sak Yant Tattoo Tiger

Sak Yant tattoos are handpoked tattoos made by tattoo masters from Southeast Asia (mainly in Thailand, but also in Myanmar and Cambodia). The history of Sak Yant tattoos is far reaching and their designs are unique and precise. They often represent sacred symbols whose purpose is protecting its bearer or improving her life. Sak Yant…

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A Short History of Sak Yant Tattoos

Sak Yant History

Sak Yant Tattoos are symbols that carry different religious meanings. While they sometimes depict Hindu gods such as Ganesha, Buddhist figures like the Buddha or mythological creatures like the phoenix, Sak Yant Tattoos are part of the Thai Buddhist culture, but as their magic symbolism suggests, they are deeply influenced by animist beliefs. During the…

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Irezumi and Tebori Tattoos


Irezumi is a japanese word for tattoo. It is a word with a deep history. We can actually trace irezumi back as far as Japan’s recorded history. Irezumi, is also somtimes used to refer to a specific kind of tattoo, designed as large piece to be worn under clothes. Those tattoos are easily recognizable since…

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Om Tattoos ॐ

Om (Aum) tattoos are a popular design for both stick and poke tattoos and normal tattoos. The beauty and elegance of the Sanskrit symbol ॐ is well known. Similarly to unalome tattoos, Om tattoos carry more meaning than we might think! And thus, if you are planning on getting a Om tattoo, knowing the origins…

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What’s a Stick and Poke Tattoo?

A stick and poke tattoo is a tattoo made by manually poking the skin with a sharp object and ink.  So, are stick and poke tattoos amateurish or professional? Are they simple or complex? Hazardous or safe? Old school or fashionable? Actually stick and poke tattoos can be all of those things, depending on the…

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