Stick and Poke Tattoos Articles

Om Tattoos ॐ

Om (Aum) tattoos are a popular design for both stick and poke tattoos and normal tattoos. The beauty and elegance of the Sanskrit symbol ॐ is well known. Similarly to unalome tattoos, Om tattoos carry more meaning than we might think! And thus, if you are planning on getting a Om tattoo, knowing the origins…

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What’s a Stick and Poke Tattoo?

A stick and poke tattoo is a tattoo made by manually poking the skin with a sharp object and ink.  So, are stick and poke tattoos amateurish or professional? Are they simple or complex? Hazardous or safe? Old school or fashionable? Actually stick and poke tattoos can be all of those things, depending on the…

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Practicing Stick and Poke Tattoos

You can practice stick and poke tattoos using different materials : fruits, pig skins and silicone are commonly used.  Eager to try tattoo practice skins with a stick and poke technique, we found two inexpensive products on Amazon. One is a practice skin made of borosilicate glass and the other one of silicone. At first glance,…

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How to use Tattoo Practice Skins

Practice skin

Ready to use your tattoo practice skins? Here are a few tips and ideas we’d like to share. If you are trying to perform stick and poke tattoos on tattoo practice skins, chances are that you’re beginning your journey in the world of tattoos. In that case, practicing will be a opportunity to improve your results,…

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Stick and Poke Tattoo Artist: Robertiko Ramos

La Marca

Robertiko Ramos or Roberto Ramos Mori  works as a tattoo artist in the Cuban tattoo parlor, La Marca. When he showed us his work, we were immediately seduced by the quality of his designs and his mastery of colors. In this interview, Roberto shares his vision and pieces of advice of stick and poke tattoos…

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Unalome Tattoos: What do They Mean?


Have you ever seen tattoos with this shape? These tattoos are called Unalome tattoos. Most people want their tattoos to hold a special meaning. Tattoo designs can be inspired by symbols or icons, like Zodiac signs or the OM symbol. Unalome tattoos have also been growing in popularity and they hold a profound meaning. At first…

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Witch Hazel for Soothing Stick and Poke Tattoos

witch hazel

Witch hazel is a natural and soothing astringent : when applied on the skin, it causes contraction of the tissues. It can be used to soothe the skin after a stick and poke tattoo and calms skin redness.

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Bloodborne Pathogens Training for Tattoo Artists


Bloodborne, also called BBP,  pathogens are infectious micro-organisms and include Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and HIV. They are transmitted through infected human blood and other bodily fluids. Tattoo artists are at risk of exposure to BBP from incidents such as an accidental puncture from a contaminated needle. Thus, it is important to stay informed about bloodborne…

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How to Remove Gloves Safely

Remove gloves

Here’s a short video demonstrating a safe technique to properly remove gloves. We recommend using this technique as doing so will improve the safety of your work by preventing the transmission of bloodborne pathogens.

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Stick and Poke Tattoo Ink


Stick and poke tattoo ink is one of the key ingredients that will improve your stick n poke tattoos quality, safety and longevity. Although you might hear of people tattooing themselves using pen ink or India ink, we strongly advise against going cheap on tattoo ink. High quality and sterile stick and poke ink will…

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