Stick and Poke Tattoos Articles

How to stick and poke?

Tracing homemade tattoo

Stick and Poke Tattoo in 9 Simple Steps Stick and poke tattoos, also called hand poked tattoos, homemade tattoos or DIY tattoos, can be done by anyone taking the right precautions and using the proper tattoo tools. Here is a step-by-step guide detailing how to stick and poke.

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Stick and Poke Tattoo Tools

Stick and poke tools

Stick and poke tattoos are easy when you have the right tools for the job. Quality tools are both inexpensive and invaluable; they’ll vastly improve your results and greatly lower the risks of infections. Here’s a list of the tools and materials I use to perform Stick and Poke tattoos. Below, you’ll find a breakdown of each…

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