Stick and Poke Tattoos FAQ

Here at, we are happy answering your questions and helping you perform safe and great-looking stick and poke tattoos. Here are your frequently asked questions on DIY tattoos. If you’d like to obtain an answer to another question, contact us via our Stick n poke Facebook page.

How to stick and poke?

There are many techniques to perform a homemade tattoo. You can visit our 9-steps guide on how to stick and poke for detailed information on the DIY tattoo technique we recommend.

How can I decide my stick and poke tattoo design?

Deciding what stick and poke tattoo you want is not easy! For inspiration, we recommend consulting our article Stick and poke tattoo ideas. Searching for “Stick and Poke Tattoo“, “Stick n Poke Tattoo“, “DIY Tattoo” or “Hand Poked Tattoo” on Pinterest and Instagram should also give you plenty of inspiration!

Are stick and poke tattoos permanent?

Yes, stick and poke tattoos are permanent However, depending on how they are made, DIY tattoos sometimes fade out faster. Just like professional-made tattoos, stick and pokes can only be removed by laser treatments.

Do stick and poke tattoos hurt?

Pain is relative to the person being tattooed, the tattoo placement and the duration of the DIY tattoo session. Pain will increase if the tattoo is performed on thin skin or a sensitive place such as the lower back. The significant period between pokes can also give the impression of stronger pain compared to machine tattoos.

What are the best stick and poke tattoo inks?

There is no such thing as “the best” ink, as long as you use tattoo ink. Generally, each tattoo artist will opt for inks with specific characteristics (for example thickness) suiting his or her work. For stick and poke tattoos, one of the brands listed in our article on stick and poke tattoo inks could be a good choice.

How can I know if my ink is vegan?

The brands Eternal, Intense and Kuro Sumi are vegan. They do not contain glycerine or pigments coming from animal products or bi-products and are not tested on animals.

Could I be allergic to tattoo ink?

Allergic reactions to ink can occur depending on the ink components, which vary with color and brand. Red is reported to cause more frequent allergic reactions since it sometimes contains mercury or cadmium. As black ink is typically made from iron oxide or carbon, it usually is considered the safest.