3 Nordic Tattoo Symbols For Your Inner Thor

The Helm of Awe, Valknut, Vegvisir, and Thor’s Hammer are just a handful of Viking tattoos that are trendy right now. From knot-work and mystical creatures to bold Nordic symbols, we just can’t get enough of these incredible Nordic inkings.

Original Viking Nordic symbols and knot-work were intricate and ornate.  So it’s no wonder that today Viking tattoos depicting the Gods of Norse Mythology including Odin, the all-father and Thor, the god of thunder, are the inspiration for many Odin and Thor tattoos.

1 – Mjollnir, Thor’s Hammer

One of the most loved Nordic symbols and immensely popular Viking tattoos is of course Thor’s Hammer or Mjollnir. It symbolizes strength, protection, and blessings. Thor was the most respected and the strongest of the gods. He embodied the bravery of the Viking warrior. According to mythology, his hammer is one of the treasures made by the Dwarves for the gods. Once thrown by Thor, the hammer would shattered everything he strucks and then return to Thor’s hand. Not surprisingly, Mjollnir is sometimes represented as a lightning!

Mjollnir [Credit: Max Pixel]

2 – Odin’s Knot

Another commonly-inked Nordic symbol is the Valknut, aka Odin’s Knot, which consists of three interlocking triangles. Although not much is known about its meaning, some scholars believe it’s a religious symbol associated to death; something the Vikings celebrated rather than feared. In this picture, there are also runic scriptures around the Valknut.

Odin’s Knot [Credit : Chris on Flickr]

3 – Yggdrasil, the Tree of the World

In mythology, Yggdrasil represents the great ash tree that revolved around the northern worlds. It’s a symbol of life. It’s an inspiring symbol that can be interpreted in many ways.

One of the many interpratations of Yggdrasil [Credit : Frostzero]

Nordic symbols are inspiring because they carry a deep meaning. They can also easily be adapted to your skin and your style. Find the symbol that appeals to you, and ask an artist to interpret it in a unique way!

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