Brentan Wolf Tattooing a Client

Brentan Wolf Artist Interview

We had the pleasure of speaking to Brentan Wolf, an incredible hand poke artist based in Australia, where we learnt about his hand poke background.

Brentan Wolf, a stick and poke artist from Australia, hand poking a tattoo on a client.

First things first, how did you learn to become a tattoo artist?

“I completed a 1.5 year apprenticeship in a tattoo studio based in Melbourne, studying how to use a machine. Unfortunately I had some terrible things happen to my hand 3 years in. This made me unable to use a machine due to the vibrations. So I tried to seek any means possible to continue tattooing. I travelled to Thailand where I found a Buddhist monk in Chiang Rai, who taught me the art of traditional bamboo hand poke tattooing.” 

What is it that attracts you to stick and poke tattoos?

“I am most attracted to hand poke tattooing due to the tranquility and meditation that I find with it.” 

Furthermore, what do you find most challenging about hand poked tattoos?

“The thing I find most challenging with hand poked tattoos is the amount of time some pieces take.” 

Next up, if a stick and poke beginner asked you for your best advice, what would you tell them? 

“The best advice I would suggest to a beginner is to seek a master who will teach them, as many hand poked artists lack the fundamentals of hygiene and cross contamination, as well as safety protocols due to not completing apprenticeships in a studio.”

Lastly, where can people contact you?

“The best way of contacting me is via Instagram, where I respond to every message as fast as possible. My Instagram is @b_handpoked

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