Can Women Wear Vikings Tattoos?

Of course women can wear viking tattoos! Despite their obvious warrior appeal, Nordic symbols, Viking tattoos and runic charms aren’t only for sword-wielding males, they’re also hugely popular tattoos among women.

While in most of the world, women had significantly lower status than men, Viking-age Scandinavian women had it quite different. They could own land, get a divorce, and if widowed, control their own estate. This isn’t to mention ass-kicking women warriors, shield-maidens or mystical choosers of the slain, the Valkyrie! Just like men, these female warriors, the shield-maidens, bore shields and sword on countless overseas raids. Nordic mythology tells of the Valkyrie flying over the battlefield choosing who enters Valhalla!

The Dises by Dorothy Hardy from Myths of the Norsemen [Credit :
Haukurth ]

Regardless of your age or sex, or if you go down the mythical, magical or authentic Nordic Symbol route, Viking tattoos are a powerful form of body art, filled with meaning and history. Whether you opt for runic writing or want to pay homage to the gods with an Odin or Thor tattoo, remember, you are standing on the shoulders of giants! Plus, gender is a construct!

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