Bloodborne Pathogens Training for Tattoo Artists

BloodBloodborne, also called BBP,  pathogens are infectious micro-organisms and include Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and HIV. They are transmitted through infected human blood and other bodily fluids. Tattoo artists are at risk of exposure to BBP from incidents such as an accidental puncture from a contaminated needle. Thus, it is important to stay informed about bloodborne pathogens and to take appropriate safety measures.

Even as a hobbyist stick n poke tattoo artist, you need basic knowledge about bloodborne pathogens. You should always follow specific steps to prevent the transmission of bloodborne pathogens. Fortunately, relevant certified training is accessible online and can be completed cheaply within a few Bloodborne Pathogens Training for Body and Tattoo Artistshours. Pro Bloodborne offers whole video series especially designed for body art. This series provides practical information for tattoo artists on the prevention of infectious diseases. It covers basics terms, explains how bloodborne pathogens and infectious diseases spread and gives information about safe work practices. You can access the course here. Our friends at Pro Bloodborne are kind enough to enough to offer our readers the discount code CPR-sticknpoke, be sure to take advantage of it! Even if you don’t need the certification, you can watch most of the content online for free!

If you are looking for a training on bloodborne pathogens, you need to choose one that answers these fundamental questions:

  • What are BBP?
  • How are BBP transmitted?
  • How can infection from BBP can be prevented?
  • What to do if I am exposed to potentially infected blood?

Bloodborne Pathogens Training for our Readers in USAsharp container

In the United States, people who work as tattoo artists need to pass a bloodborne pathogens training in compliance with the law and keep that formation updated regularly. The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) sets the federal standards for that training. Those standards consist of rules describing the methods employers must apply to protect their employees from hazards – such as bloodborne pathogens. Some states and territories operate their own plans which are at least as effective as OSHA standards. Fortunately, the Bloodborne Pathogens Training for Body and Tattoo Artists is OSHA compliant!

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