Stick and Poke Tattoos Articles

How to use a Transfer Stencil

If you’re wondering how to use a transfer stencil, look no further. We’ve put together a step by step guide, so keep reading if you want to learn more.

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7 Ways To Prepare For Your Stick and Poke

Hand Poke Tattoo Artist

So you’ve been admiring the amazing art form of hand poked tattoos and you now want to learn how to do them yourself. To make things easier, we’ve put together a list of 7 ways to prepare for your stick and poke tattoo. 

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Stick and Poke Ink: The Basics

Everyone wants their stick and poke tattoo to look clean, neat and to last for a long time. The ink you use for your hand poked tattoo will affect these elements, so it’s important to choose wisely.

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Jo Chanthavong Artist Interview

Hand poked heart tattoo on arm

We love the style of Jo (aka @just.poked)’s tattoos, so we had to interview her for our blog to find out more about her stick and poke background. First things first, what’s your name and where are you based? Hi! I’m Jo and I’m currently based in Sydney, Australia. How did you learn to become…

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Brentan Wolf Artist Interview

Brentan Wolf Tattooing a Client

We had the pleasure of speaking to Brentan Wolf, an incredible hand poke artist based in Australia, where we learnt about his hand poke background. First things first, how did you learn to become a tattoo artist? “I completed a 1.5 year apprenticeship in a tattoo studio based in Melbourne, studying how to use a…

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9 Items You Need For Your Stick and Poke Setup

The key to safely creating a good quality stick and poke tattoo is to prepare your setup with the correct, professional tools. Furthermore, organisation of your area is the best way to create a seamless process. Because no one wants to be awkwardly reaching for a product they forgot to get out, mid tattoo. To…

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A Guide to Stick and Poke Needles

So you want to create a stick and poke tattoo, but what needles should you use? This is super important both for aesthetics and safety. You’ve probably heard of people using sewing needles but these aren’t as hygienic, they’re often dull and don’t retain the ink very well. Professional needles are the best for stick…

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Tebori: A Quick Overview

Man getting Tebori tattoo

Tebori is a traditional Japanese tattoo practice. Masters use a stainless steel rod with a cluster of needles to repeatedly hand poke ink into the wearer’s skin. This art form comes with a long history, meaning people from all over the world travel to Japan to experience it.

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A Quick Look at Stick and Poke

Gloved tattoo artist holds six tattoo needles.

While stick and poke is the oldest tattoo technique to exist, it’s become hugely popular over the past few years – thanks to social media. Particularly during lockdown, where we delved into DIY activities to keep our minds busy and we saw the rise of Tik Tok, stick and poke interest skyrocketed. This technique can…

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3 Nordic Tattoo Symbols For Your Inner Thor

The Helm of Awe, Valknut, Vegvisir, and Thor’s Hammer are just a handful of Viking tattoos that are trendy right now. From knot-work and mystical creatures to bold Nordic symbols, we just can’t get enough of these incredible Nordic inkings. Original Viking Nordic symbols and knot-work were intricate and ornate.  So it’s no wonder that…

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